Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Cookies

This year I had a chance to make lots of cookies.  Here is our all time favorite called cream wafers.  They are a sandwich cookie frosted with pink and green frosting.
 These are rolled, cut, dipped in sugar, and baked in the oven.  You can get the recipe here.  My cookies are the original version from Betty Crocker's Cookie Cookbook that a friend gave to me back in the 1970's.
 Here is another recipe I did.  This one was new.  I love to make snowflake cookies but this recipe is out of this world delicious.  I kid you not.  The dough is rolled and cut with varying shapes of cutters I have in my collection.
 Some were frosted with Royal Icing in plain white and some tinted ever so slightly with blue Royal Icing that was thinned enough to spread.
 The decorations were piped on the snowflakes and some glitter sugar was sprinkled on them to make them festive.  The recipe used is here.  I will definitely be making these again next year.  They were light and not to sweet and so pretty.  I also made Hershey's Dark Chocolate Chip, Pecan Tassies,and Betty Crocker's Almond Thumbprint Cookies.  Last but not least I made Baklava which I make every year for the Holiday.  This year I thought my baking was the best ever.  Feel free to try these awesome recipes.  I highly recommend them.


Love crafts forever said...

Wow!Good looking Blog you have here Carol. Oh yes and yummy too lol. You are busy Girl. wishing you Happy New Year.
Hugs Nataliya

JD/ Jill said...

Your cookies look so wonderful, I want to reach through your blog, and find just a little broken piece for a sample...(well, I guess I'll have to try and bake some of my own) LOL. But I'm sure they won't be as pretty as yours are. Happy New year to you.

KarinsArtScrap said...

looks delicious Carol and beautiful.

Have a happy new year.

greetings karin

Winnie and Patty said...

Those cookies look sooooo yummy!!!! Now I'm hungry for cookies! LOL

Happy New Year!

Donna Ellis said...

Carol, you can delete this comment if you like - Just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog. I was going to reply to the notification in response to your questions, but the return address is a no-reply blogger addy. Yes, it has been extremely windy the past few days, and our huge staghorn ferns are swinging freely - have to be careful around them. We've had crisp frost a few times already, and even dipped below freezing 2 nights. Florida is such a great place to experiment with flowers and plants, but we are restricted, aren't we? ((hugs))

Donna Ellis said...

YUMMMMM! Thanks for the recipes! They look fabulous! And how pretty - even the cookies look slightly shabby chic LOL I'm interested in trying the ones that don't taste as sweet - I like lots of flavor, but not too much sugar. Thanks again for sharing your outstanding cookie "season".

Marisa said...

These are gorgeous!!

craftieodmae said...

oh man those look yummy, and wanted to tell you Happy New Year and thanks for dropping by leaving your wonderful comments!!! I do appreciate you!!!

Benzi said...

Oh, yummy! Thanks for sharing this wonderful sounding recipe, Carol. Not only do they sound good, but so pretty..just like your cards.

I'm finally able to get back to regular stamping and posts and glad to be back. I've missed it.

Have a fun New Year's Eve and a most wonderful New Year, my friend.

Benzi said...

Back to say I also like your New Year's Eve/New Year blog background. Fun, fun!!!

Caroline D. said...

Such pretty cookies... almost too pretty to eat!! It's funny, some years I do tons of cookie making and others not so much. This was one of the years I didn't bake much since time seemed to be moving at warp speed this year. LOL Thanks for sharing your recipes! I've bookmarked them. Hope you have a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Creative 2013!!

Colleen Dietrich said...

Oh yummy! These look and sound Delilah. The snowflakes have SUCH detail, they're gorgeous! Happy new year, Bearzi!

Whimcees said...

Happy New Year Carol!

Wishing you a great new year full of all good things for you and your family! I look forward to another year of your wonderful creations!


Barbara Diane

nwilliams6 said...

Carol, I have missed you - may computer problems continue but hopefully will work out soon. I love the card you sent!!! It is in my snowman collection as we speak (with the one you sent me several years ago). These cookies look awesome. So you are a decorative baker as well - Wow - you have sooo many talents. I sure wish I had been there to eat a few with you. Wouldn't that have been fun. Beautiful creations as usual (I see many of them are layered up just like your cards - LOL). Hugz!

Audrey Hiltke said...

Bearzi, You are so amazing. Amazing in so many ways - it's clear that creativity flows to you and through you like magic!! I bet these delectable delights tasted FANTASTIC!!!
Hugs - and Blessings to you and yours in 2013.

Anonymous said...

Oh my word these look so yummy!! :) I would just love to take a bite!! LOL!! Hope you had a wonderful New Year my friend!! Here's to a happy and healthy one for you!! Thanks for sharing!! Have a happy day! Smiles and Hugs - *Vicki*
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