Friday, December 13, 2013

CottageCutz Mountain Lodge at Christmas

The Celebration of the season is in full swing here!!!  But Mr. Grinch paid me a visit yesterday and is trying to put a damper on my festive spirit.  I have to fight off that Grinch and keep the spirit of love, light, and happiness in my heart no matter what ole Scrooge is throwing at me.  Your a mean one Mr. Grinch!!!!  
The three words that best describe you are as follows, and I quote,
"Stink, stank, stunk"!
 Now that I have that off my chest, let me tell you about this card I made!  Don't you know that  somewhere in the U.S. there is a beautiful lodge just like this that you want to just get into your car and escape to!!!  In my imagination I have packed my "Kindle", a tote bag full of pretty yarn and an afghan pattern, and some warm comfortable clothes.  I'm going for a week-see you in a few days!!!!  lol
 Here is a scene created with the beautiful CottageCutz dies.  Santa is arriving at the Mountain Lodge to leave me a few presents under the tree for Christmas.  The deer in the forest are watching him arrive as the snow covered trees glisten with the new fallen snow.

 Here's the lodge decorated in all it's glory for the holiday season.  All the windows have little greener and berries and a pretty swag on the little porch overhang.  So welcoming, don't you think.  I just want to go right up to the door and open it.  I just know there is a warm fireplace with a roaring fire just waiting for me to sit in front of!
 Here is the sign by the road welcoming you to the Lodge.  There's a snowman there to greet you that was built by the guests this afternoon while they were waiting for those Chocolate Chip Cookies to be baked in the kitchen.  Let's just say there were a few snowballs tossed around during the making of the snowman as well.

This card is dear to me for so many reasons and I just adore it.  It's going to my Mom for Christmas.  She is having a really rough time with her COPD right now.  What a horrible disease that is.  She has been struggling with this for the last 10 years.  If she never got that disease, her quality of life would have been 100 fold better.
  Thank you for letting me share my Christmas dream with you.  I thank you so much for stopping by.  Hope your Christmas plans are coming along as schedule and that you are enjoying this time of the year with family and friends and making memories to held dear in your heart.  Happy Crafting.  See you soon!!!


Marisa said...

Absolutely ADORE this Carol, as will you mom! fabulous scenes and LOVE the snow!! YOu have outdone yourself with this one!

Marisa Job said...

You make the most beautiful projects!! Love this one too!! Hugs!

Diane said...

What a gorgeous piece of "art"....your Mom is going to LOVE it!!! I enjoyed reading your post, and I imagine you had a wonderful time putting this together, especially knowing where it was going to end up!! As for Mr Grinch, don't feel bad, his twin has been hanging around here , too, I am hoping he will "get lost" soon!! Have a Merry and safe Christmas!!

Darlene said...

OH WOW this is just amazing Carol ... LOVE IT!! And, I enjoyed our little 'trip' to the Mistletoe Lodge! How cute and creative ... Mom's going to LOVE IT!!!!! Mr. Grinch was hanging around here earlier this month but I've evidentially sent him on his way to Diane ... LOL! Merry Christmas my friend and thanks for a year filled with inspiration! HUGS from OHIO!

Benzi said...

Carol, what a masterpiece. I want to go there. How far is it from where I live? LOL This is beautiful and your Mom is sure to just LOVE it. I'm headed to Franklin, TN tomorrow to Dickens of a Christmas and then to Nashville to Gaylord. Hope we'll see some wonderful scenes and so much more.
Mr. Grinch has been here most of the week. Ugh! Hopefully, things are beginning to get better. Have a good weekend.

KarinsArtScrap said...

wow this is stunning Carol, what a piece of art you have made, love it.
I can sent you my address [ lol ].

gr karin

Sherri said...

This will be a card your Mom will absolutely treasure! As I'm sure she treasures you! You can feel the love you made it with just oozing from it. You have created the perfect winter getaway dream for many of us in this card! I'd go along with the Kindle and yarn & probably have to throw in some markers & pencils (and chocolate) too! I hope your mom will get some relief for the holidays. This card should go a long way toward that! It's just gorgeous!!

craftieodmae said...

that is just drop dead gorgeous!!!!! anyone In the world would love it!!!!!

Simko said...

Love the story told with cards, Carol! The cards are gorgeous!

Nan G said...

Loved escaping into the story and your card gave me such a pretty place to go to! Thank you. Hugs

Stamping With Bibiana said...

Oh my oh my...what a beautiful triptych!!! love it. and YES keep positive, no matter happens one must get up and keep going...I am sending good wishes your way and happy thoughts...xmas is a blessed time, once a year comes but you never know when it will be the last, So enjoy NOW...big hugs bibiana
BTW, I have a tutorial at SCS next wednesday..!!

Winnie and Patty said...

Carol--I love your story that goes along with this beautiful card! Your mom is going to love it! I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! hugs~~Patty

Donna Ellis said...

Oh Oh OH! How amazing! Your Christmas scene is magical - and I can hear you singing Grinch all the way down here! But, Carol - all those tiny little details! Right down to the jingle bells on your reindeer, the light shining through your shuttered windows, the greenery over the windows, the snowy goodness everywhere, and the forest of trees! Simply beautiful! Won't your mom love this? I'm sorry her COPD has worsened. It is hard to be held captive by one's body.

I just watched your video on YouTube regarding your wonderful Christmas decorations! So glad your mom and brother requested a tour - how beautiful!

Thank you for always sharing your home, your talent, and your friendship, Carol. hugs, de

Whimcees said...


This is SOOOOOOO wonderful! I love it all! This is truly a work of art and your mother will be so aware of your love for her when she receives it. I do hope that she is feeling a bit better when you share Christmas. Wishing you a happy holiday with your family! I LOVE this card! Do you think they have any vacancies? :<)


Barbara Diane

Colleen Dietrich said...

What a special, special card for your mother. It is phenomenal, Carol. I just sit here at the computer and shake my head at how gorgeous it is.

Poor mama! I will say prayers for her.

And Merry Christmas, my friend. I hope your new year is filled with many wonderful things! P.S. belated happy birthday to your DH :)

nwilliams6 said...

Carol, this dreamy card is really lovely. It reminds me of one of the millions of Lifetime and Hallmark movies I have watched this year. There was one in particular - it had the girl from Full House on it and her dad bought a lodge and was going to make it into a ski lodge. Of course her Dad was a Grinch! She ended up falling in love and her dad turned around. I would love to go the lodge with you. Look at all the texture and detail on this. Your Mom is going to love it!!! I hate that your Mom has to suffer. This is a horrible disease and very dehabilitating. Hoping your family all has a wonderful Christmas - miss ya! Hugz!