Thursday, January 9, 2014

CottageCutz Valentine Matchbox

Greetings from the Polar Vortex of   I live in a tropical climate and it has been cold here!!!  So cold I can't get out to my craft room.  My hands get so cold out there they won't function. I am hoping for a warm up soon.  To think it was so beautiful here on Sunday, I was washing windows.  Yes, I have been MIA for a bit.  I have so much Christmas to take down and store away-and then I always do spring cleaning at the same time.  The house is such a wreck that I take my time cleaning and putting things back in order-I probably have two more weeks of cleaning just because I am working 10 hour days right now unexpectedly at my job.  Today I have created a little matchbox decorated for Valentines day with the dies from the Sweet Love Collection from CottageCutz.    The dies used are the Sweet Floral Heart, Sweet Love Birds, and the Sweetheart Border.  This little matchbox is perfect for tucking in a few chocolate nuggets and giving to someone special on Valentines Day.
They would also be cute as little favors for a Valentine's Day dinner.  The Sweet Love Collection makes it so easy to dress up items for decorating and gift giving.  They are also so easy and fun to use.

Hope your Christmas was filled with blessings.  My Son Wesley got engaged to his girlfriend on Christmas Eve.  He is going to get married March of 2015 on a cruise ship.  So we are sailing away with the wedding party.  It's going to be a lot of fun.  My poor Mother went into the hospital on Christmas Eve and did not get out for 6 days.  She has been in the hospital 4 times in December-she is still not doing well.  Wesley and Jessica are looking to buy a house.  We have been going with them to check some out.   It seems like 2014 started out with a bang for us.  

 Thanks for taking a look at my creation today.   Be sure to check out all the new dies in the Sweet Love Collection.  Until next time.... Happy Crafting!


Marisa said...

That littel bird die is just too cute!! Lovely project.

Glenda said...

Oh my goodness, that is just gorgeous!

Benzi said...

That's a matchbox full of love and delightful things. It's gorgeous, Carol.

Oh, you sound so busy with all the putting away and cleaning. Your house will be awesome by the time you are through.

How super your son got engage during Christmas. And, a cruise ship fun ! Sounds as if you're going to be a busy bee for a while.

So sorry to hear your Mom isn't doing well. I know that is so hard on you as you're so far away from her.

We were at 4 degrees on Tuesday morning. Fourteen felt great on Wed. morning and today is really awesome at 23 degrees. I'm so glad it is warming up.

craftieodmae said...

There you go blowing my mind again, absolutley gorgeous!!

Marisa Job said...

What a beautiful project!! Love it!!

Sherri said...

This is just adorable! I could see this as a perfect way to give some chocolate to your favorite person. It's been cold here in Iowa too! Monday was 38 below wind chill. We are getting a heat wave today. It's already up to 10 above! It sounds like you have a lot going on right now! I'm happy for your son & hoping your mom will be doing much better this year. Stay warm!!

KarinsArtScrap said...

what a fabulous and great project you have made Carol.
the best wishes for 2014.

gr karin

Nan G said...

Oh my, the first pic was stunning and then to see the whole piece.....Wow! Your creativity blows me away, Carol.

Rushd Lady said...

I wish I had as much creativity and style as you do! Your stuff is always so gorgeous and I just drool! Sorry to hear about your cold weather. We're in the polar vortex for sure! So you have an outside craft room too? Mine was built a year ago on Valentine's Day, but it doesn't have heat or air-conditioning yet. I've been sewing instead in the house. Hope your mother gets well, mine fell on the ice and didn't have her cell phone on her bod. She got frost-bite on her knees and one toe before a Good Samaritan stopped and got her help. Mom said two cars drove by and apparently didn't see her on the ground before the last one stopped. She's recouping too! Have a warmer day! :)

Donna Ellis said...

OH! you and your frozen cute matchbook projects - they could not be any darlinger, or any prettyier, or more gorgeous or or or... more frozen! I'm sorry you cannot get out to the polar tip of your craft room, Carol! Yikes! And just wait until tomorrow through the rest of the week! BRRRRRR. Maybe you should set up the dining room for a while? It's even cold in Florida when it gets that way. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations, and hope your dear fingers thaw out soon! hugs, de

Colleen Dietrich said...

You sound overwrought, my friend. Lots going on. The happiest news is that your DS is engaged!! How absolutely wonderful. Best wishes to the happy couple. :)

I'm so sorry your mom has been in poorer health. That's got to be a worry for you. And you, working 10 hour days - sheesh. That's long. No wonder you have little time to craft and blog. Makes me doubly grateful that you have just commented on some of my posts! Thank you so much.

Your Valentine's goodies are so cute, as all of your creations always are.

nwilliams6 said...

No one does a matchbox like you! This is gorgeous! Love the dies and the GIANT flower. Well done. Now to all your life things:

I hope your mother is doing better - that is not good and on the holiday as well. Poor thing. Poor you too as I know you are worried sick with grief! Adding her to my prayers for sure!

Congrats to Wesley and Jessica! And you too since you get to go on a trip, help pick out a house, and gain a new family member. Fun stuff!

Adding you to may prayers as well - 10 hour days at work, cold weather, house hunting, spring cleaning, and putting away 42,000 Christmas things - all of that will catch up with you if you aren't really careful. Take care of yourself!


Stamping With Bibiana said...

always gorgeous, happy new year!
hugs from california

Marisa Job said...

This is so pretty! Perfect for Valentines!

nwilliams6 said...

Carol! I am so sorry your Mom isn't doing well and I know how hard this is that you can't get a hold of her. Wow! I will definitely pray for her!

How fun to have furniture shopping on your list of things to do - I can see you furnishing the house for little of nothing and it looking like a million dollars! You are so creative and can find the best deals anywhere. Your son is lucky to have such a talented Mom.

Great card. Love the layers and the totally old fashioned Valentine look of this card! Great glitter, dies, and 42,000 details.

Miss ya! Hugz - lots of them as I know you need them.