Thursday, June 18, 2009

Teapot Teabag Holder Card

Good afternoon everyone. Here in Georgia we woke up to what the weather forecaster's said was 50-60 mile an hour winds, thunder, and pouring rain. Some places were suppose to get hail, but we didn't. I looked out the window at 6:30 a.m. and I can attest to the winds. Holy moley the trees were swaying. This afternoon though it is up in the high 90's.

Today's card/teabag holder was inspired by the "Project Tuesday" challenge. The challenge is to make a teabag holder using these teabag holder directions from SCS. Well, I have never made one of these, but I have always admired and loved them. I wanted to take it a step further though. I had seen someone make a 3 x 3 post-it holder similar to this. So I did a little creative tinkering yesterday and came up with this.
This is the back of the tea pot. I created a card area to write a sentiment to the recipient. I am still tinkering with this design. I want to try putting the card with the tea bag area instead of the back.
This is a picture where you untie the bow and open the flap and the tea bag is in the pocket. This is where I am thinking of putting the card. I am going to try it tonight. Please forgive me if you see to many of these at my blog the next couple day. lol I would really like your opinion concerning the card area.

I am sending this one off to Connecticut to my beloved Mother tomorrow. I want to keep her spirits up. She has had a rough year health wise. She loves receiving things I made. She is going to flip over this one. I was just thinking how pretty this would be for Christmas tree ornaments. And speaking of which, I need to change out my tree in my foyer to my patriotic decorations. Think I will do that this weekend. I'll post a picture of my tree too!



Anonymous said...

love your teapot shape card. very creative

Vickilyn said...

This is adorable!! I love that you actually made it into a teapot!!

Thanks for playing with us at Project Tuesday!


Mrs B said...

I just love this! You are so creative, to turn this into a actual teapot!
Thanks for playing with us at Project Tuesday!

Kristine said...

Oh my! How cute is that?!! :) VERY!!!

Shari said...

This is just awesome! Very Creative!

Anonymous said...

I love them both. YOu are so creative.