Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bunny Mode here in Georgia

The "Girls" in all their glory. We are in Bunny mode here at our house in Georgia. Just looking at these bunnies makes me smile. I wish Hallmark still carried the Bunnies by the Bay. I just loved them and take these out every year.
Hallmark Bunnies by the Bay: Cricket

Hallmark Bunnies by the Bay: Miss Wisdom
Hallmark Bunnies by the Bay: Nettie Confetti

Here is Buttercup (a Boyd's Danbury Mint Doll) with a bear dressed up like a rabbit with today's card I made. I used the same Rubber stamp from Rubber Stampede with a different size card and color variation.


Patty said...

Bunnies, and baby dolls and more bunnies, oh my!!! Absolutely adorable!!! I am in need of more bunnies now. Patty

Gretchen R. said...

I love your collection of bunnies...your card is fantastic I hope you have a Happy Easter!