Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Memorydex Open Draw Style Christmas Collection

Greetings lovely friends and crafters!  Today I wanted to share memory dex cards that were created for an open draw style holder.  These are so cute it would be a shame not to post them here on my blog.  The first card is a camper with a snowman.  This die can be found at The Scrapping Cottage.  It's a CottageCutz die.  The memorydex card was created from a nesting die from my stash that I used a Hedi Swapp punch on to turn it into a card.
Isn't this Gingerbread Chef the cutest!!!  Yes, another Cottagecutz die, but I'm so sorry it is retired and unavailable.  As it is, I got my on eBay from someone downsizing their collection.  That cute oven is a Magnolia Doohicky Die.
This darling Gingerbread die was found on Aliexpress.  It's just puts a smile on your face doesn't it.  
This is another Cottagecutz die.  Santa in an airplane is so unique.  This is how Santa arrives here in GA since we have no snow for his sleigh!!! lol
That saying "Snowmen Melt Your Heart" is so true for this trio.  Another Cottagecutz die.  If you love snowmen, this is a must have for your collection.  They're just too adorable.
How about a cup of cheer to warm your heart.  This is an adorable die find on Aliexpress.  I love that Christmas tree cookie!!!!
You know I had to follow the trend of the pickup truck for Christmas.  But, you know I turned it A-la-Carol by making my truck pink!  This is another Cottagecutz die.
This card is very dimensional.  The house is a Magnolia Doohickey die, and the trees are from Aliexpress.  They create the perfect winter scene.
This Shaker Snowman is another Aliexpress find.  He's a charming addition to this collection of cards.
If you haven't guess it by now, I'm a huge fan of Cottagecutz dies.  This Santa is delightful.  His expression is sweet and endearing.
The last card to share is this Christmas Tree Shaker.  How fun it was putting this together.  It's another Aliexpress die.  Thanks so much for visiting today and letting me share some projects with you.  Running so far behind, but I think of this Blog as a place to record my crafting journey so I can look back on what I've created through the years.  Hope you find inspiration for your projects as well.  Until next time, be safe, be happy. be crafty!

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