Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of July Tree and Fall Preview

Just thought I would post a picture of my July 4th Tree. As you can see it is filled with patriotic ornaments galore. This tree was purchased over a year ago at Hobby Lobby during their after Christmas sale. It is about 6-1/2 ft tall and stays up year round. It has white lights permanently in the branches and I added a strand of 100 Red and a strand of 100 Blue lights for this theme. What I usually do is comb the after Christmas sales to find ornaments that I can use year round, or I make my own. This particular tree has some blown glass Uncle Sam ornaments, resin heart flag ornaments, wooden star flag ornaments, ceramic hearts and flags, and an assortment of Uncle Sam ornaments that have string legs. It looks so pretty when it is all lit up. This is the entry into my home so everyone that comes in will see the tree. You can see it sometimes when you drive by the house. I think it is really cool. Next month my Back-to-School theme will go up. Wait until you see that one. I even found blown glass school bus ornaments for that theme.

I was going through my pictures and found last years Fall/Halloween displays. I just love the fall decorations. Not that I want to rush everything along, but I can hardly wait to put this back up. This is actually in my family room. It's the place we spend most of our time. On the mantel is Tabitha from Boyds Bears and a few of her Halloween friends. The pumpkin hanging above is something from Avon I got several years ago. It is probably a collector's item now. lol

Hope to be back tomorrow with more cards. I am working on making my own bear paper piecing patterns. I wanted to do a bear sitting in front of a pumpkin. I was looking at these pictures for inspiration. Until then, have a great evening!

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Winnie and Patty said...

I need that tree!!!!! I love all of the Americana ornaments! I think I'd have to leave that one up all year round, and get another one for the other seasons/occasions. And your family room is so cool. You need some of my stuffed candy corn pillow thingies. I made them years ago and they are so cute. They would look adorable on your mantel. If I can find the pattern I'll send it to you along with a picture. I love to decorate for the various seasons also, but for the past few years haven't becasue I've been too busy at work. Maybe I'll try to deocrate for fall this year, because I have more fall things than any other season except Christmas.

More later--Patty